Hoogspanningsnet.com is an independent, self-standing and non-commercial website offering free information about the Dutch high voltage power grid. 

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The site name hoogspanningsnet.com means in the Dutch language literally power grid dot-com. The shortname, HoogspanningsNet, reflects where two Dutch words meet each other in a way both meanings of the word comes together. The site is primairy about the high voltage power grid within the Dutch and Belgian borders, but we also look across the borders to the pan-European grid. The website is independent from any grid operator and maintained by hobbyists and volunteers.

We have two things to achieve.

  • Forefilling the need for neutral, free high quality information about the Dutch and Belgian power grid, for everywhone who is looking for it. Before this site was there, there was no other place in the Dutch language who offered this information in this detail.
  • Offering a free platform where pylon geeks, scale model builders, grid historics and other interested people can come together to share their common interest in the Dutch and European power grid.

Language of this site

Almost everything on this site is written in the Dutch language because we are aiming to the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders). As we speak now, there is no English, German or French edition available because in the past the need for it turned out to be too small for investing that much effort in translating everything.

If you are foreign languaged, try for instance the Automatic Translate-function that comes with web browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. The result does not deserve an award for punctuality, but at least it's understandable for foreigners. 

About copyrights

The Dutch and Belgian power grids are state property and the state itself is property of all its inhabitants. Non-critical information about the Dutch and Belgian power grid should therefore be freely available for everywhone who is living in the Netherlands or Belgium.

All information to be found on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND-licence, except for content (like some grid maps) about which you can explicit read a different copyright clearly mentioned next or below it. Content with such a mentioning is only given available to us to be shown or displayed, but this content will always be property of it's owner and/or publisher. (Most of the time there will also be a link back to them.)

For more information, please read the English version of our disclaimer.