HoogspanningsNet (, our forum and the gridmap) is an independent initiative, aiming to provide high quality, neutral information about primarily the Dutch and Belgian power grid and being a platform for all who have large-scale electricity transport and distribution as a hobby, interest or deformation caused by a job in it. Different than the dotcom-domain suggests, HoogspanningsNet is no commercial association or organisation. HoogspanningsNet does not aim to make profit, interests or any other active way of making money, separate from being self-sustainable when there are opportunities. HoogspanningsNet is maintaind by volunteers. This website is independent from grid operators, exploitants and constructors of high and sublevel power grids. Propositions on this website reflect the actual scientific consensus. Forum messages are under full responsibility of the account holders. No rights can be derived from information on this website.

HoogspanningsNet accept not in any way liability or responsibility for consequences caused by eventual incorrect information on this website, the discussion forum, gridmap, answers sent by the contact form or by any other linked source of information.  

Taking over content

The site team is not fond about the culture of fear which arose about the traditional copyright. We think users of this website agree with that.
HoogspanningsNet does not reserve all its rights. We support the philosophy of
 Creative Commons: a more open usage of copyrights. This website is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND-licence which is applicable to all content accept when overruled by a higher, different licence and/or accept when explicitly noticed different. Examples of this kind of exceptions are (a.o.) pictures uploaded by individual users at our forum, historical grid maps, lexicons and reports offered in the so-called ‘KCD-subsite’. Also our emblem and housestyle of grid map icons is not licensed CC BY-NC-ND: usage of this images in a way different than linking back to the frontpage of this website is limited to the site team of HoogspanningsNet and not allowed to be used by others without written agreement of the site team in advance.

It is no problem when you take over or copy images or texts from this site to be used elsewhere, like edicational use, presentations, an image in a report, as source, pinpointed to the wall or almost any other use where no financial profit is aimed. The only thing we ask is this:

  • When taking over images: allow the emblem in the lower right corner. Interested people are always able to lookup this website as the source.
  • When taking over texts: make notice of HoogspanningsNet ( als the source. 
Imortant: when copying content from this site, the CC BY-NC-ND copyright is going with it. This means that yet others may take over the content from you in the same way and under the same terms of conditions from which you originally took it over from here. Also for them, this principle remains active. Using content originating from this site at another site licenced under a traditional copyright is allowed, but for the content itself also under this conditions the CC BY-NC-ND copyright remains valid.
The open license we are using has as side-effect that we are not in the position to forbid taking over content from this website for non-commercial, non-neutral usage, like topics bordering or interfering modern social themes like politics, religion or social behaviour. But one can understand that we not prefer usage of images and texts from this site for that kind of aims and that we distantiate ourelves from any kind of convincing behind this kind of usage.
Do you like an image or photo in the original resolution? Do you have a question about usage of the grid maps? Do you have commercial or press interest? Please contact us by using the contact form, which is also offered in English.
By permanent usage of images taken over from this website at your own website or blog, we request kindly but direct to not deeplinking to them. Copy the image and save it at your own server. Read more about deeplinking
 here. Click on the license icons belwo te read more about the Creative Commons license and what is allowed under this license.

Creative Commons BY-NC-ND-licentie is van toepassing some rights reserved

Other information

This site enables no tracking cookies or cookies for analysis. We do not log IP-adresses in a different way than blocking out spam adresses from ‘Wisselstroom’ (the shoutbox) and the forum. Web statistics are anonymous and only there to monitor loadflow to have an indication which pages are used a lot, so the convenience or broken links can be fixed more efficient. 

This site is linking to other websites. HoogspanningsNet is not responsible for availability, correctness or actuality of any extern, linked site. This site is making use of several contact forms. When sending an external document or other file with it, a default yes is applied about mentioning the source name. If this is not desirable, it can be mentioned in the message. HoogspanningsNet is free to ignore inappropriate messages. The content of this site is suitable for all ages.

The names of the volunteers behind HoogspanningsNet are not retrievable on request.
The site team is running this website on a volunteerly base and this results in a site status from which we never can or will guarantee that this and all content contained by it is always correct, available or visible. Have you noticed something on this site from which you can prove it is not correct?do you have a request or question you do not like to ask in public at our forum? Do you have a complainment or notice about us? Or do you have new information and resources about a relevant topic which you like to offer to others via this site? Don’t hesistate to
 contact us.

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